The Bear Handbook

Here is my attempt to explain how to handbook works, what we have already completed and what we have planned for the coming months. Beginning on page 26 in the handbook  there are 24 achievements, each scout must complete 12 to earn his Bear badge. The Achievements are divided in 4 groups.

Each scout must complete one of the first two achievements as part of Duty to God. Christmas is the perfect time to talk about everything in section one. If any of you are interested in earning the religious emblem for your faith either contact a leader in your church or see me for more details. These are available for just about every religion.

Achievements three through seven are Duty to County. Three out of five achievements must be completed. We will complete #3 and # 7 at the trip to the constitution center. We also completed 6g last weekend while Geocaching.

Achievements number eight through thirteen are Family achievements. Four out of six must be completed. At our first den meeting we started 8d. 9g was completed while camping. 10a was done at the planetarium, the rest of Achievement #10 you have probably done at home. Achievement 11 will be completed at the constitution center. Achievement #12 was completed camping and Geocaching. #13 can be done at home, some of you may have already completed it.

Four of the remaining seven achievements must also be completed for Self. Number 14 I hope to complete at a meeting in the spring. We will probably go to the park again. #15 we will do at a den meeting. 16a was completed at September’s den meeting, 17b was completed while camping. Number 18 may have been completed at home. It involves writing letters, invitations and thank you notes. Achievement #19 we completed last night. # 20, Sawdust and Nails and #22, Tying it up, we will do as a Den January and February. 21f will be completed when the pinewood derby car is built. #23 may be done at home. Some have started #24, if any scout wants to help with a meeting let me know, there are plenty of activities they can coordinate.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse you more. Every time a requirement is completed in the handbook circle a paw on pages 288 or 289. When enough requirements have been done to complete an achievement, mark it of the list.

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