Whittling Chip

Our next Den Meeting is 7:00 on  Monday December 10th at Thomas Jefferson. We will be completing achievement 19 “Shavings and Chips”. The training will be done with the help of our District Executive from the Old Colony District. His name is Rilee Benjamin. He has stressed that each scout  must have a parent or guardian there, or we cannot let them handle a knife. Rilee will supply knives for each scout to use on Monday. You do not need to bring one. If you are looking to purchase a knife please be aware of the following:

– Blade must be 3 ½ inches long or less
– A simple Cub Scout knife IS recommended. It can have a locking blade or not. Locking blades are good, but depending on the knife, they be a problem for small hands to close safely.
– Fixed blade knives are NOT recommended because they can drop out of sheaths, or tilt and jab the wearer.
– Swiss army or multi-tools are NOT recommended because they are difficult for small hands to hold.
– Military knives are NOT recommended because they can have a laser sharp edge.
– Knives are NOT allowed at pack or den meetings, even after the Whittling Chip is obtained
– Knives are NOT allowed to be used at campouts unless there is adult supervision.
You should also consider getting a small sharpening stone or other sharpening device. The stone should be carried by the scout whenever they have their knife.

At the December 17th Pack Meeting your son will be given a “Whittling Chip” card – assuming you approve. This card must be carried by your scout whenever they are using their knife. Any leader, parent, or adult can ask for the Whittling Chip at any time a Cub Scout has a pocketknife in his possession. If the Cub Scout does not have the card in his
possession, the knife will be collected and returned to the parent. A corner of the Whittling Chip card will be cut off for each violation of the rules. When the 4th
corner is cut off, the card will be taken from the scout and the scout must
go through training again, in order to receive a new card. The cutting of corners can be done by any adult who feels safety has been violated. For very serious infractions (such as threatening another scout), the card will be taken immediately and permanently.

While I am sure some of you may be concerned with the idea of the boys carrying a pocketknife, this program is designed to teach knife safety. Even if the boys do not get the card the class is important since most boys will use kitchen and other knives in the future. The actual Whittling Chip card will be given to the boys only with the parent’s
approval one week after the class. Again you will ultimately have the final say at the end of class on whether your son gets a card, or even when and where your son carries a knife after the card is issued.

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