Saturday Den Meeting

Our next Den Meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning  December 1st at 10:00 AM in Washington Lake Park. We will meet at the covered pavilion across the road from the amphitheater. I’ll be introducing the den to geocaching, then taking a hike to find some caches around the park. For information go to or watch the video below.


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2 Responses to Saturday Den Meeting

  1. Renay says:


    I so sorry Matthew missed this meeting. I need to check on here more often. When is the next meeting so he doesn’t miss it again?

    • Ed Guidotti says:

      Our next meeting is Monday the 10th at Thomas Jefferson. This is the meeting where each boy will earn his whittling chip. They will be taught knife safety and have a chance to carve something with a pocket knife. If he comes, it is mandatory that an adult be with him the whole time to watch what he is doing. I have someone coming to help teach the meeting but I will be busy with Eddie and probably will not have a lot of time to dedicate to each of the other boys.

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