This Week’s Den Meeting

Thank you to all who came out to our first meeting of the year. The boys began working on Achievement #8 ” The Past is Exciting and Important” and also completed requirement 16a in their book. We welcomed our newest member Matthew to the Den and each of the boys helped him work on achieving his Bobcat Badge.  If you have not yet purchased a Bear Handbook please try to get one before our next meeting.

A reminder on Advancement. First, to earn the Bear badge, your son doesn’t have to do EVERYTHING in the book. To earn Bear, he has to complete 12 achievements out of a possible 24 (this is VERY different from Wolf and Tiger), but you have to get the right number from four areas: God (1 of 1 through 2), Country (3 of 4 through 7), Family
(4 of 8 through 13), and Self (4 of 14 through 24). We will be doing some of the requirements as a den, but the good news is that the program is flexible.

Second, let me remind that there are a number of achievements from your son’s handbook that must be completed by you at home, and you—as “Akela,” a leader—should review those with your son, and sign off in the handbook when it is complete. A list is provided on page 24 of the book. Some of these (like requirements related to faith) are clearly family matters, many of these are part of what you will doing anyway as you raise your son, and others you will be glad to have (like doing chores around the house)!
Thank you for your help in leading all of our great Scouts.

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One Response to This Week’s Den Meeting

  1. Pamela Becker says:

    Thanks for a great organized meeting! I hope Eddie is feeling better! All the boys had fun last night.

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